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Welcome to the Zion’s Abyss Wiki.

Zion’s Abyss is a campaign world that I have been working on, off and on, for the better part of two decades. It is a world of high fantasy, ruled largely by the concept that people and places are defined by the stories that rise about and around them.

There have been three Ages that have come and gone in Zion’s Abyss. The Age of Creation, where the world was born and the dragons ruled over all. The Age of Dreams, which saw the rise of the demi-human empires, especially those of the elves and dwarves. The Age of Broken Promise saw the rise of humanity, but was overshadowed by the domineering ambitions of the dark god, Calimar.

The Fourth Age began with the Fall of Calimar. The death of a god is neither quiet nor subtle, and the devestation wrought by Calimar’s death throes remade the world to some degree. It is now 25 years after the Fall, and adventure waits for those who seek it…

Main Page

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