The Third Age died in blood and fire. The fall of the dark god Calimar sent catastrophic shockwaves careening across the world. Earthquakes, firestorms, tidal waves, and other disasters both magical and mundane swept the planet’s face. The chaos lasted for days, and when it was over everything had changed. The survivors, shaken and afraid, knew without being told that the old Age was done, and a new time had come. Even the gods looked forward with uncertainty. Nevertheless, the world needed rebuilding, and so it was done.

The birth of the Fourth Age was a messy affair, as births so often are. Wars were fought as new nations arose at the expense of old. Some kingdoms withdrew from the world for a time, to concentrate on rebuilding within their borders. Others sent envoys and assistance to those in need. Capital, economic and political, changed hands with a speed envied by hummingbirds. For those few brave or foolhardy enough to seek out adventure, it was the beginning of a golden age. Mercenary work was easy to find, and there were ruins aplenty to plunder for riches and lost secrets.

Now, a quarter century after The Fall, some semblance of order has returned to the world. Peace reigns across much of the land, though there is still much to be done. After all, the Fourth Age has barely begun, and there are many stories yet to tell…

Zion's Abyss

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